Save water, help save wildlife, help save our planet through sustainable gardening

by Nur AP Abdullah & Kane Haggart Human Impact on the Natural World The importance of flora and fauna biodiversity has been given greater emphasis now more than ever, especially with the growing concern of more new diseases emerging due to our increased contact with the natural word for urban development and agriculture. Agriculture is known to be a major contributor in affecting climate, wildlife ecosystems and habitats. Fertilisers and chemicals used to grow crops add to our carbon footprint and harm soils which is not sustainable. Industrial farming also involves clearing delicate wildlife habitats such as rainforests to gain access…

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Christmas tradition with Poinsettias

Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) belongs the family Euphorbiaceae which consist of rubber plants and Euphorbia. This family also known as the Spurge family, is well known for exudating white milky and sticky saps. The “flower” that we see as bright red is part of the inflorescence. The bright red organs are known as bracts (modified leaves which always accompany the inflorescence) and the true flowers which are surrounded by the bracts are without sepals and petals. Due to their unattractiveness, these plants have evolved to have the leaves surrounding the inflorescences which turned red to attract pollinators. The green bracts will turn…

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