Root Ball Care and Maintenance

Introduction Roots and shoots are the two ‘power stations’ of plants. Foods in the form of starch are manufactured in shoots (source) and dispersed through the intricate networks of phloem to various organs but stored mainly as long-term storage in the roots (sink). Depending on the plant category, root architecture differs between the monocots and the dicots. Monocot plants have fibrous root system (losing the main tap root after seed germination) and dicot has the tap root system. During seed germination, the initial stage is primary root growth (auxin regulated growth), root hairs and followed by the secondary, tertiary as so…

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Orchid Fever

Orchids are categorised into two types, the monopodial and the sympodial. The monopodial has a single upright stem growth habit while the sympodial produces new shoots (or known as keiki) sideways. In both types they develop adventitious aerial roots. When pollinated, the flowers develop capsules containing microscopic seeds. Seed dispersal involves the bursting of the dried pods and seeds being spread by wind. However, seed germination is very low in a natural environment because it requires the aid of mycorrhizal fungi for germination. Difficulties in seed germination are however, replaced with success in vegetative propagation. Once the pseudobulb of sympodial orchid…

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