Cloud Hedges

The latest in topiary techniques with the grandeur of evergreen hedging

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Cloud Hedges

The visual appeal of cloud hedges is undeniable. With their delicate curves firmly set in the traditional techniques of topiary, and their versatile size options, cloud hedges are a modern gardener’s delight.

Creepers Wholesale Nursery offers a range of hedges that are ideal for cloud hedge compositions. These include ever-reliable pine and yew plants which make for thick foliage and a sturdy basis for sculpting distinctive round lines.

Ready-grown is available in the root-ball season, or making your own design from ready clipped box balls is an option. All we require to form a comprehensive cloud hedge design is the measurement of the area that will be occupied by the hedge.

When you visit our nursery in Surrey, our expert landscapers are available to you solely and can discuss your exacting requirements over a hot beverage. We then compose an edit of your choices to ensure your hedge selection is ideal for you. Cloud hedges are a welcome variation on the typical box hedge and our large nursery is home to some of the finest plants, sourced from top UK and continental growers.

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