Auspicious Plants for Good Feng Shui in 2020

This year, the Chinese New Year falls on the 25th January 2020 which welcomes the year of the metal rat. For those who practice the art of feng shui, by bringing in plants into their home or gardens it is believed that they are able to align the flow of energy that comes from the alignment of stars and planets, hence, will be able to welcome good fortune and luck in terms of wealth, health and relationships into their home or offices. To make it more auspicious and cheerful, one can tie red ribbons on their trees.

Here are some plants that considered by the Chinese to be able to attract fortune (money) and good luck, which are also available at Creepers Nursery.

Indoor plants:

  • Crassula ovata (Jade/Money Plant)
  • Pachira aquatica (Money tree)
  • Citrus calamondin & Citrus lemon
  • Orchids
  • Chlorophytum comosum
  • Spathiphyllum spp.


To create a feng shui garden, these are the popular plants:

  • Acer palmatum
  • Salix caprea & Salix caprea Pendula
  • Prunus persica
  • Magnolia spp.
  • Gardenia spp.
  • Bambusa spp.


Finally, bonsai are generally related to good feng shui, creating tranquillity and elegance in a garden:

  • Ilex crenata (var. Kinme/Convexa/Green Hedge/Green Lustre)
  • Olea europaea
  • Quercus turneri
  • Pinus