Christmas tree alternatives for your garden

There are many ways to brighten up your porch, terrace or balcony for the Christmas season, other than just the standard Christmas tree. The paper-white stems of Multi-stem Birches with tiny twinkling-lights look magical.

Yew cones can be adorned with lights and even tree decorations and look good year-round.

Yew balls, cushions and topiary also look lovely with some tiny lights and a dusting of frost on really cold days.

The ruby-red and sulphur-yellow stems of Dogwoods look amazing in pots and can be re-used in the border in the new year. There is even a Dogwood named ‘Midwinter Fire’ which has stems coloured from yellow at the base to red at the tips, giving the illusion of flames.

Bay topiary trees can be jollied up for Christmas, as can Olives. These are best for sunny locations.

Holly is, of course, an ancient mid-winter decoration, and there are varieties now that berry heavily. You can cut long stems of Holly, strip the leaves and have the berried twigs in long glass vases as elegant decorations. Birds also love these berries.

Pine balls and mushroom pruned forms lend a Scandinavian look to your home, perfect for the minimalists amongst us. These look great teamed with Birches.

Pot displays can be warmed up with the red leaves of shrubs like Nandina and Leucothoe, Skimmias for its berries, and Sarcococca for a sweet fragrance in Winter and Spring. All of these can be re-used in borders.

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