Deciduous Magnolias

With our gardens beginning to wake up for Spring, this is the time of year you cannot help but notice the first spectacular flowers of the Magnolia.

When do they flower?

Depending on the variety, they can flower anywhere between March to July.

How big do they grow?

Again, depending on the variety, they can stay as small as 2.5m high or reach up to 10m high.

What flower colour can I have?

There is a wonderful amount of choice from pink to white, pale pink to pale burgundy, dark burgundy to rich red purple, bright yellow to pale yellow.

What conditions to they need?

They generally require a sheltered sunny position, but some also take part shade. They enjoy moist, fertile soil. They seldom need pruning, as they have a naturally graceful form.

‘Black Tulip’

Magnolia x brooklynesis
‘Yellow Bird’

Magnolia soulangiana

‘Heaven Scent’

Magnolia stellata

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