Garden jobs for Spring

With extra time on our hands at the moment, you may fancy venturing into the garden to try your hand at gardening – here are a few jobs that need doing at this time of year…

Keep on top of weeds, by either hoeing or hand weeding.

Climbing and rambling roses need to be tied in, as do Clematis and Honeysuckle.

If you have a Pyracantha that is wall-trained, prune back shots that are coming away from the wall to encourage flowering.

You can sow herbs outside now – (Although seeds are in short supply at the moment as lots of people are growing their own this summer).

Your Citrus plants need a Spring feed (see previous blog).

Pay more attention to watering your houseplants (see previous blog).

Roses and shrubs will need a good feed (see previous blog).

Trees and hedges would also benefit from a good feed – lightly dig in a general balanced feed according to the instructions on the packet.

Repair bare patches in your lawn – see expert friendly advice on websites like or Although if your lawn is doubling-up as a sports field at the moment, this may be better addressed later…

Fig trees need their first prune (see previous blog).

Wisteria also need a prune (see previous blog).

You will need to ramp up your watering regime from now on – try to water in the evening or early in the morning, so as not to waste water. Anything newly planted really mustn’t dry out.

Lawns can now be mown weekly.

Give your Lavender at light hair-cut, making sure you don’t cut into brown wood.

If your variegated evergreens have reverted, prune out the green shoots.

Give your Camellias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas a good mulch (2-3” in depth and keep away from stems). If you have the supplies and energy, all borders could use a good mulch once weed-free and fed.

You can trim hedges and trees but check carefully for nesting birds and leave well alone if you suspect there are any, as It is an offence to disturb them. You can always trim them after August if nesting has finished.

If your evergreen shrubs have been hit by a late frost, just prune out the damage.

If this list seems a little daunting, maybe just try keep on top of the watering, feeding and mowing and instead spend some quality time with a good book or making the most of the peace and quiet to listen to birdsong.

If you simply aren’t into gardening but would like areas of your garden improved, just drop us a line and when restrictions are lifted, we can come and help you with lots of lovely new plants, trees or hedges.