Spring jobs – Feeding Citrus plants and Roses

In collaboration with Octagon Developments, we bring you the second edition of our Spring jobs for the garden.


Citrus plants need regular feeding from late March to October. Use a feed that’s high in nitrogen, following the guidelines on the product. (After October switch to a Winter specific Citrus feed).

Now is also a good time to re-pot your Citrus, or at the very least remove and replace the top 5cm of old compost with new.


Feed: Apply a general purpose or rose fertiliser at 100g per m2 every spring.  You can repeat this application in mid-summer if your plants look like they need a boost.

Mulch: Mulch straight after applying fertiliser, ideally with well-rotted stable manure, applying a layer of up to 8cm deep. You can use well-rotted compost or chipped bark if you can’t get manure. Don’t apply mulch within 10cm of the stems.

Water: Water well in though dry periods.

For future years, just repeat this process, if need be applying fertiliser over any existing mulch and topping the mulch up again after.