Still Open For Business, and Packed With Masses of Exciting Stock On The Nursery

Dear All,

We hope that you are all keeping well and safe during these unsettled and worrying times. 

Spring is now officially here, the clocks have gone forward, and Easter is just around the corner, and yet we live in such dark times. One comfort is working in an industry which is so crucial and supportive to people’s health and well-being – the happiness that comes from trees, plants and gardens is huge and tangible, and we should all make sure to look out of our windows with a bit more focus, and appreciate the trees and nature around us during time outside the house, to help lift our spirits.

Just to update you all, we are still arranging nursery collections and making deliveries on a limited basis – all dependant on demand and interest. We are reducing our staff to a bare minimum, in order to safeguard our valued team members. However, although we understand that a lot of our clients and colleagues have followed suit, and gone into lock-down, it seems like there are still plenty of you out there that are carrying on with gardening, planting and landscaping.

We are happy to arrange nursery collection, although these will have to be made outside our gates, as we cannot accept visitors on site at the moment.

Deliveries are still being made – we are very flexible on timing and dates, but need to combine loads and fill the lorry as much as possible. Most deliveries are likely to be made in a Luton van at the moment. 

London – minimum order value £200.00, delivery charged at 10% value of the order, free delivery on all orders over £500.00

South East – minimum order value £400.00, delivery charged at 10% value of the order, free deliveries on all orders over £1000.00

We are also able to supply bags of compost, soil improver, ericaceous compost etc… to your order.

While we are restricting any incoming plant deliveries to our nursery, we are currently packed to the rafters with gorgeous stock – absolutely masses of plants and specimens out there. Very happy to send pictures over email or WhatsApp to quickly give you an idea of what is on the ground – please just call the office or send us an email.

We shall start sending out weekly emails from this point on, and so this is the first of your weekly bombardments. We have put together a very rough form of Availability List, which is still a work in progress, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we have in stock at the moment. Please click the link below to download this.

Please just get in touch if you have any plant lists, quotes, or orders that need placing – we are here to help!

The Creepers Team

We’re still here, open for business, making deliveries and arranging nursery collections, and have masses of beautiful stock on the nursery right now