Jul 5, 2024

Creepers Nursery blossoms at the Royal Windsor Flower Show

Creepers Nursery blossoms at the Royal Windsor Flower Show

Creepers Nursery was thrilled to participate in this year's Royal Windsor Flower Show, held on the picturesque grounds of Windsor Great Park on Saturday, June 8th. This enchanting one-day event is a celebration of all things gardening, alongside cookery, traditional crafts, and quintessential fun.

Although not their first rodeo at the show, this year marked Creepers' most significant involvement yet. The team collaborated closely with event organisers to enhance the show's entrance and theatre stages, adorning them with an array of specimen trees and plants sourced from their extensive nurseries. Beyond beautifying the space, Creepers also played a pivotal role in supporting the Garden Makers, providing plants and sharing expert knowledge for the garden beds. These beds were later donated to local care homes and schools, extending the show's impact within the community. Additionally, Creepers hosted a bustling trade stand, attracting a steady stream of visitors eager to tap into their horticultural expertise.

Creepers are active in various events throughout the year, but the Royal Windsor Flower Show is fast becoming a highlight. Rob Ryall, Managing Director of Creepers, shared his enthusiasm for the event, saying, "We've been involved with the show for the past few years, and each year it gets better for us. With our recent expansion at Lavershot Barns, the show is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with new customers. The team behind the show is incredible, and we're excited about future collaborations."

The Royal Windsor Flower Show is more than a mere floral exhibition; it's a vibrant festival of gardening, design, and natural beauty. It appeals to everyone from avid gardeners seeking inspiration to families looking for a delightful day out. With its royal roots, breathtaking floral arrangements, and diverse activities, the show remains a beloved event that celebrates the splendour of nature and human creativity.

Looking ahead, the show organisers have already set the date for the next event, which will be on Saturday, June 7, 2025.

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