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All the benefits with low maintenance and year-round foliage

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Creepers Wholesale Nursery stock a large variety of evergreen hedges, including laurel, hornbeam and many shrubs. Ideal for formal hedging or hedge fences, our selection is grown for the purpose of easy maintenance and effortless style all year round. If regular upkeep is a problem in your garden, you’ll appreciate a type of hedging that does away with the leaf litter associated with the evergreen’s deciduous counterparts.

With a nationwide service and 20 years of experience cultivating the leading nursery in Surrey, we’re poised to help create your ideal garden. Whether you need a single specimen as a point of intrigue or a mass order of high quality hedges, our team can provide the best service, installation and expertise.

As a premium stockist with installation services and tailored buying options, Creepers sources from the finest growers in the UK and the continent. We also offer you our undivided attention when you visit our nursery, where you are greeted with a hot beverage and consultation with our knowledgeable team.

For more information about any of our services, including our evergreen hedges and appointments, contact us today.

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