Creepers’ reputation as a quality wholesaler of commercial topiary, both large and small specimens, is built upon an attention to detail and premium service. Hand cutting the plants is the essence of traditional and modern topiary, and is what allows you to deem our topiary a living sculpture.

The best possible results are cut by skilled hands that we have trained personally to deliver long-lasting and eye-catching results. With over 20 years of fine topiary practice, you can be confident that ours is the country’s finest. Simply visit our nursery by appointment to see our inventory.

The artistic lines and feel of classic hedge art can only be fully appreciated in person. During your visit you can expect our undivided attention, with a consultation over a drink of your choice. We will get down the details of what you would like to achieve with an ornamental hedge or hedges and tailor our services to you.

We can even arrange an edit of the pieces of commrcial topiary you select so that you can visualise the final installation before proceeding. After this, an instant garden effect can be achieved anywhere in the UK. Topiary hedging, cloud formed hedging, screening, pleached trees, topiary arches and parasol trees are just a few of the notable plants in our portfolio.

Expert Knowledge

We can advise on the best plants available for your project, fly out to source them, send you images and select the perfect specimens for you.

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